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VALORANT is a 5v5 character-based tactical shooter video game from Riot Games launching worldwide June 2, 2020.

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john cena
john cena 7 hours ago
Does anyone notice that your has a butterfly knife coma?
Monoix 8 hours ago
Can you guys add a philippine server
Charming Peasant
Charming Peasant 8 hours ago
So you're saying female players arent good enough on their own to compete on equal footing with male players ? How do you plan to elevate female players in pro scene, when you cuddle them in safe spaces ? This just feels like soft bigotry of low expectations.
U 8 hours ago
i feel bad for cs:go
Lasse Schulz
Lasse Schulz 8 hours ago
What song is that?
Cratos !
Cratos ! 8 hours ago
Valorantta ilk Trailerda Türkçe Metin olması beni sevindirdi!!
Davis Abraham
Davis Abraham 8 hours ago
Poor Jett🥺🥺
Davis Abraham
Davis Abraham 8 hours ago
This is fking dope. Riot should make a whole movie about valorant.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ralof Stormcloak
Ralof Stormcloak 9 hours ago
what is wrong with you people?
Waddaduck 9 hours ago
dang good job
Sunday Flower
Sunday Flower 9 hours ago
Gametail 9 hours ago
Galorant HAHAAH
Farooq Shapola
Farooq Shapola 9 hours ago
fix the game for males first then we can talk about females
Leo 64
Leo 64 9 hours ago
Literally any character that can Camo or Teleport is Easy Mode cause they are Harder to find/kill
Vandal 9 hours ago
Editte Türkçe yazı var vay be
Ash Drunkenstein
Ash Drunkenstein 9 hours ago
I don't get why eSports should be gender biased 🤦🏻
Youtee MG
Youtee MG 10 hours ago
Make valorant on ps4
Kyte 10 hours ago
Jett step on me jett use your foot JETT!!!!!
Umut Dem
Umut Dem 10 hours ago
Valorant: Best in PR worst in preventing cheaters ( wallhack/aimhack is everywere )
Arasy Izzatullah
Arasy Izzatullah 10 hours ago
What happened yoru and jett
Sergeant Minecraft
Sergeant Minecraft 11 hours ago
Is there like, a link to the song that I can click on? That song was fire! 🔥
JM Laron
JM Laron 11 hours ago
if VALORANT decided to create movie adaptation, please cast ethos as Yoru 🐱‍👤
Thiago Scala
Thiago Scala 11 hours ago
0:32 can someone explain how?
Ralof Stormcloak
Ralof Stormcloak 9 hours ago
No they can't.
Vaspuci 11 hours ago
Imagine the game include an option called queue by language,so everyone can chat with their own language .
ış eş
ış eş 11 hours ago
Niye Türkçe yazdı lan
David playz
David playz 11 hours ago
Valorant plsss make a movie plsssss
Samvirus Roaster
Samvirus Roaster 11 hours ago
Hello I downloaded this game 2 days ago and I am having problems with it my trackpad is not working with it I don't know why can you pl tell me an solution or what I have to do pl Pl Thx
A Navarro
A Navarro 11 hours ago
Why can’t In game Phoenixs ult never run out
Constantin Cyris
Constantin Cyris 11 hours ago
pls make valorant for console pls :(
Old PC Gamers
Old PC Gamers 12 hours ago
Alpha Kellover
Alpha Kellover 12 hours ago
After the update it's bad I get +21 if I play ver good.if I we lose even if iam match MVP -30 wtf is thus ranking
RadKripe 12 hours ago
Race is so Over power they should nerv her wit only the hal o damage for her abilitis and only one grenade
Twitch Beast
Twitch Beast 12 hours ago
Hopefully this doesn’t end like the csgo attempt at all female teams
Den Jeorell Cuaresma
woah ethos😯
Andrew M
Andrew M 12 hours ago
This is pretty dope
Demki 7
Demki 7 12 hours ago
Your ranked system is shit
Ashter 13 hours ago
Dosnt matter, he need buffs, his still weak
Gurnoor Kalsi
Gurnoor Kalsi 13 hours ago
Inspite of its very low system requirements, this game still lags on my PC. My specs are written below and please tell me a solution to stop the lag: i3 9100 Intel UHD 630 4gb ram 1tb HDD Please anyone respond and give me the solution.
TRS Retr0
TRS Retr0 13 hours ago
Me: *calls Phoenix nice* Phoenix: "They WILL COWER!" Me: Well fu-
RoBiXzz 13 hours ago
Fazril Maulana 85
Fazril Maulana 85 13 hours ago
Buff sage pliss
Cedric Andre Samson
Cedric Andre Samson 13 hours ago
I swear to god even women play better than me in-game. It took me nearly a full month to reach Gold.
Cris San Juan
Cris San Juan 13 hours ago
ayyyy, i like this game.
RRG FN_Cosmic
RRG FN_Cosmic 13 hours ago
well that was weird
V I K I N G 13 hours ago
What about INDIA ? 🤔
Tomek Dyrc
Tomek Dyrc 13 hours ago
Ok. So The guy who plays in this vid has aimbot lmao.
Tomek Dyrc
Tomek Dyrc 13 hours ago
Reality: whole enemy team just wait till you tp to them
Muhammed Ali Üstün
Hey man JETT fan mode trailler
Ashok 14 hours ago
"3 to the 1 to the 3" is missing
mansour merchant
mansour merchant 14 hours ago
Fix your bugs so much bugs just start fixing your bugs so we low end pc can play more good
deniskoxD 14 hours ago
i jus love skye in videos
Spectral 15 hours ago
Anyone gonna notice the fact noone was playing that game? and the fact that it played the ace sound but said clutch? (Unless that was just a thing back in the old days of valorant)
tee 15 hours ago
This yoru fancam
Pogsii 15 hours ago
This is awesome!
JKeep 15 hours ago
0:45 türk yapımı mı laa
I am Melisa
I am Melisa 15 hours ago
i wanna tell short story about how i firsdt time played Valorant. So i created acc, went to a game, got beaten up by veterans. The end like... Nice match making i guess :))
2xCiv 15 hours ago
Teşekkürler thank you
Alejandro Willems Lizano
I can already smell some the toxic comments incoming but lets be real: it is so cool u guys adress this! Massive respect
ALEXANDER 16 hours ago
Its time
Pivot And Arduino
Pivot And Arduino 16 hours ago
this is so sick no cap
Alyek 16 hours ago
This is awesome! I wish I had this when I played Halo 3. Im sure so many girls would’ve pushed to get out there. So happy to see what comes out of this ❤️ ...and for those who say girls just have to get good. In Halo 3, everyone I scrimed with made teams to fly to MLG and was then told I should make a girls team bcs I was good. We didn’t really have female players competing in our area. I watched them from sidelines get top 32, if thats not gatekeeping idk what is. That’s why programs and initiatives like this are so needed.
ImAPerson 16 hours ago
Yoru’s “golden moment”
Sickaraa 16 hours ago
now buff him
Vitales RU
Vitales RU 16 hours ago
I don't understand korean/Chinese soo I will dislike the video
Zihad Fahami
Zihad Fahami 16 hours ago
Can you add an agent that does Kung-Fu as one of it's skill? That would be dope I think.
i0Ta 16 hours ago
India is still waiting.i hope you guys will not disappoint us
Nightcore Ahri
Nightcore Ahri 16 hours ago
pause 1:15 damnnn she hot Riot knows the angle and the pose
NexonStrix YT
NexonStrix YT 17 hours ago
whose watching this on 2021
NexonStrix YT
NexonStrix YT 17 hours ago
whose watching this on 2021
Radian Adityo Dignitoro
Need more sfm. Pls.
lino rival
lino rival 17 hours ago
Valorant New Map please
Yazan 𖤐.
Yazan 𖤐. 17 hours ago
My dream is that I play Valorant But when I enter the game it appears to me Connection error van_1 I hope to get a response from you. I love your game ❤️❤️
THE EAGLE 17 hours ago
They should make a tv show or a movie about valorant it will be big
Ralf Villorente
Ralf Villorente 17 hours ago
im very glad that they are aware of the sexism in valorant,
Shrey Navadia
Shrey Navadia 17 hours ago
What’s the Background music from 1:23 ?
Mr. Someone
Mr. Someone 17 hours ago
"I'll fight anybody, I'll fight everybody" is probably the worst voice line in the game
Adam Biedak
Adam Biedak 17 hours ago
Just answer we workin at it maybe i dont left
Adam Biedak
Adam Biedak 17 hours ago
Why game is not more player skill influence but only frustrating maps spots and no mercy run away from shots like in CS go ? Game have no cheats but its no evertything .
林君堂 17 hours ago
ok,that's dope