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VIPER /// United States
"No one can hold their breath forever."
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Jul 6, 2020




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Amine House
Amine House 5 days ago
Song ??
Lonniea Cheeks
Lonniea Cheeks 7 days ago
The truthful organ pertinently mess up because bit frequently taste vice a delicate stick. receptive, faithful fridge
beowyrt 20 days ago
literally how valkyrae plays
Heather Hambrook
@valorant Pls do a golden moment for yoru
Tama Devi
Tama Devi 25 days ago
mahdi dellil
mahdi dellil Month ago
Hypercosm Month ago
Is it just me or does viper sound kinda like irelia
S T R I N K Month ago
need youru's and skye
Mr Sebru
Mr Sebru Month ago
i thought viper was saying "no one can hold a bad breath forever".
Fugugz Month ago
the music xD i just love it
Ignatius Vito
Ignatius Vito Month ago
Viper ma girl
Mohit Nagar
Mohit Nagar Month ago
Mohit Nagar
Mohit Nagar Month ago
@weslee thanks man
weslee Month ago
search up drip viper
weslee Month ago
ok but like the music is getting to me
Dorothy Zheng
Dorothy Zheng Month ago
i said it once and i'd say it again, viper is so fucking annoying to play against
Atharva Mahamuni
Can anyone tell the name of song at the end with the beat?
Gp24 Giant mari
Gp24 Giant mari Month ago
Shashikant Chaudhary
Music name ?
nzxR - Valorant
nzxR - Valorant Month ago
who's still here?
not me
selo tv
selo tv Month ago
Türküz u lan türkler yoruma
sourabh sharma
sourabh sharma Month ago
its look like scripted gameplay so people use viper more because the lowest character is used is viper although it is powerful people dont know much to use
Cheezusfries 3
Cheezusfries 3 2 months ago
Are these vids staged?
Nibla02 Gamer
Nibla02 Gamer Month ago
Ofc the were
Cognit Smith
Cognit Smith 2 months ago
The tangible catsup virtually scare because joke systemically welcome onto a electric skill. narrow, terrible moustache
Rahul Teja
Rahul Teja 2 months ago
Phoenix Should Be Released At the last Part of Valorant But Viper Is good to BUT phoenix Has the Fire Wall Thingy And also Viper has it but green colour
Knockoff Mjolnir
Knockoff Mjolnir 4 months ago
I NEED to know what song this is.
Knockoff Mjolnir
Knockoff Mjolnir 4 months ago
@Felipe Dutra Monteiro Thank you so much.
Felipe Dutra Monteiro
And nicXIX
Felipe Dutra Monteiro
By Corbin Roe Mayne
Knockoff Mjolnir
Knockoff Mjolnir 4 months ago
@Felipe Dutra Monteiro Thank you, but by who?
Felipe Dutra Monteiro
B49 Smit Shewale
B49 Smit Shewale 4 months ago
song name?
Eduard Van Den Heever
Anyone else think Viper should have been French?
ROAMING VIPER 4 months ago
Love Viper she is a very unique agent to use but is very op is used properly
P O P Y 4 months ago
how do u make that revolver crosshair?
NA9306 4 months ago
I think that was just a alpha testing thing
Phil Coulson
Phil Coulson 4 months ago
what is this song ?
Tama Devi
Tama Devi Month ago
Nevil 4 months ago
Is it just me that i find viper attractive or not? No? ok.
Rain RedFox
Rain RedFox 4 months ago
My fav
nothinisworthit 5 months ago
it's funny how people thought she would be too op LOL
Falah Falah
Falah Falah Month ago
@Nibla02 Gamer i mean her circular smoke are hard to be put because u throw it they shouldve just make of easier and then she can block a long range of area easily
Nibla02 Gamer
Nibla02 Gamer Month ago
@Falah Falah and she has been getting multiple buffs and will most likely get more. That diesnt sound very OP
Falah Falah
Falah Falah 4 months ago
Bruh she is op in the right hand just not too op
afplayerTV 5 months ago
name of the song
Bilal Essabye Majidi
Who is main Viper like me?
Siddharth Chandanshive
Bg music or song?
NC ϟ
NC ϟ 4 months ago
Drip - Corbin Roe
BLXXD 5 months ago
Best op
Muhammed Yıldırım
Muhammed Yıldırım
@NC ϟ thnx
NC ϟ
NC ϟ 4 months ago
Drip - Corbin Roe
Psyona 5 months ago
Why did you delete all the other videos?
Sick NA-sty
Sick NA-sty 5 months ago
Martzle c
Martzle c 5 months ago
The fact that viper ha the same voice actor as tiny Tina is cursed af
Giancarlo Dávila Moreno
hello, when are you planning to improve the LATAM servers ????????
Mike't 6 months ago
Please riot. If you can listen to this In the animations of selection the characters viper like if she doesn't combines with his lips and mouth stuff I though that viper without the mask will be more beautiful I guess lol Idk it's just my opinion obviously ;)
Levi TV
Levi TV 6 months ago
Music name, pls?
NC ϟ
NC ϟ 4 months ago
Drip - Corbin Roe
Rogue_Shad3 6 months ago
So this is the toxic babe Smoke is always talking about
Ti m
Ti m 6 months ago
Hey look, it's female Caustic
Shelldy777 6 months ago
music: hype !!!!!!! plays: bronze 1 clutch
Jeremy A
Jeremy A 6 months ago
The Woke Squad
The Woke Squad 6 months ago
*Tuwoison orb emitting*
Mona Mehrafie
Mona Mehrafie 7 months ago
for everyone wondering why theyre showcasing gameplay from the beta, these videos were first shown on twitter, they’re simply reuploading on their youtube :)
BlackSheep 7 months ago
William Holloman
William Holloman 7 months ago
It's Madame Caustic
Seth the Sith
Seth the Sith 7 months ago
I really wish viper would get more buffs. Yes, even though she just got some decent ones. She's too situational
Jason_cx 3 months ago
@Seth the Sith It is relevant. Phoenix (and Reyna) have the ability to heal themselves because they're dualists as well as radiants, they play for the high risk high reward gameplay. Viper is a controller, controllers are experts in slicing up dangerous territory to set their team up for success, they don't entry frag like the dualists do.
Seth the Sith
Seth the Sith 6 months ago
@LA I dont think thats really relevant lol its just a shooter game. Their abilities don't have to strictly stick to their lore. Especially when viper REALLY needs a heal. Or it can just recharge some shield.
LA 6 months ago
@Seth the Sith Adding a heal to her snake bite makes no sense at all seeing as Viper's an ordinary human, whereas Phoenix is a radiant.
Seth the Sith
Seth the Sith 6 months ago
@Jastreb they can't change them but I feel like adding a heal to her snake bite (like Phoenix's flame pool or whatever it is) would be good. It can even be a very slow heal or one that only gets her to 50 hp.
Jastreb 7 months ago
That's how her abilities are designed. They can't just change them. But I feel your point.
FameXxx DC
FameXxx DC 7 months ago
song ?
NC ϟ
NC ϟ 4 months ago
Drip - Corbin Roe
It'sKuze 7 months ago
If this is a gold moment than you need to see my recordings
calvincheng14 7 months ago
Fabricated: I’ve never seen a viper main clutch.
Ahmad Muflih
Ahmad Muflih 4 months ago
look at Unidora / Dixon yt channel, u will see viper that should be
HanNguyen 6 months ago
I clutch all the time.its just harder than other characters obiously
MarW 7 months ago
Андрей Кокот
Buff poison viper
Furqan Md
Furqan Md 7 months ago
that play was so bad. why is that even here?
Nathan Cheng
Nathan Cheng 7 months ago
Why are all of these videos only showcasing beta gameplay
José Camilo Rincón Carreño
Name The song?
NC ϟ
NC ϟ 4 months ago
Drip - Corbin Roe
Prabhu Ram
Prabhu Ram 7 months ago
Tbh, was expecting a pro play.
Afaq 7 months ago
"Don't get in my way"
Afaq 6 months ago
@no problem dude "Let me replace this Phoenix's air"
no problem dude
no problem dude 7 months ago
no point of commenting this
NACHOCHEEZpuffs 7 months ago
Why show a old build of the game when the game is released already???
Zabor 7 months ago
wtf SP1-K3
MrLiangZai 7 months ago
0:18 just imagine if jet shown up here... 🤣🤣
Czołg SKB
Czołg SKB 7 months ago
I need this music pls give me this !!! :D
Akbar Baihaqi
Akbar Baihaqi 7 months ago
Drip.. just search in US-first " Drip Viper "
Seal 47
Seal 47 7 months ago
Clip isnt even that good, the clip is well outdated with a bad song and no editing why bother making the game look worse than it is xD
Father Zerk
Father Zerk 7 months ago
Why do you guys release such shitty quality vids?
Reflex 7 months ago
why you guys playing 800x600??
Darvin 7 months ago
Jesus imagine being 0 - 10 then losing to a 3v1
Zukker09 Month ago
@Mushy yeah the point is to showcase abilities it's not a real game
Quevater Month ago
@Mushy its called "this video is set"
Mushy 3 months ago
Noob enemy team. They were just blindly firing here and there without acknowledging the target.
passing mig
passing mig 7 months ago
Buff Viper plz. She is too weak now.
JustAlpha 7 months ago
You have no idea...
St1lysh 7 months ago
wtf this video was made before the Valorant beta, why is it released now?
Alex 7 months ago
WeLLCoMe tO mY wOrLddddd
Viper's Husband
Viper's Husband 7 months ago
I love viper
blood1yfrost 6 months ago
I love reyna
GHOST REAPER 6 months ago
@Eis LOL
Eis 7 months ago
I would have never guessed
Games Account
Games Account 7 months ago
Honestly they should do a “how not to play” series where they show fails of each character... so like with Phoenix for example, blinding the entire team and getting obliterated... or ulting with omen and going to a place where the enemy is holding a knife ready to kill or something like that...
Amin Zekavati
Amin Zekavati 18 days ago
Omg phoenix blinding everyone is just sth else
Not Jason
Not Jason Month ago
I think they’ll do that in April fools or smting
CoolRicky2103461 Fire
Inslander W
Inslander W 2 months ago
I think 10 things you should not do while playing these champions is what's needed . Learning How to play is the next stage for those players . Atleast allow the team mates to carry is the first step .
Km M
Km M 3 months ago
@Bob Sagget top fragging sages get a top on res and are great for carrying
Velocity Films
Velocity Films 7 months ago
Why would you publish this? It's heavily outdated. The game looks much better now, why show newcomers the past?
Ahmad Muflih
Ahmad Muflih 4 months ago
and why u still comment this? this video it's been made for a long time. funny see this
Jeremy Soll
Jeremy Soll 6 months ago
what @igor neto said. They may change the HUD in the future from how it is ingame now, and then everything will look outdated anyway
Igor Neto
Igor Neto 6 months ago
Because It's a nice clip to show new players of Viper, the game's older graphics don't even look that bad or different.
J L 6 months ago
_fredwin its her actual theme_
ATT _ 7 months ago
@fredwin Fanzy...
DMCEagles05 7 months ago
VIper needs more buffs clearly guys
Rutambh 7 months ago
I loved Caustic in Apex Legends and Viper in Valorant, Damn I have something with Poison!!!
HARDY__JARDY 6 months ago
You should play smoke in rainbow six siege
Big Dawg 34
Big Dawg 34 6 months ago
U must have a history with toxic ppl😂💀
PyroMax 7 months ago
Maybe because you're toxic *I'm sorry it's just a joke*
Xennox 7 months ago
Great edit valorant
Rank Sausage
Rank Sausage 7 months ago
I keep looking at the player icons at the top
Ømëñ 4 months ago
Yeah the art style it's weird
Animation Park
Animation Park 4 months ago
I was more anime back then
Darvin 7 months ago
Looks so off
Phantom 7 months ago
Same 😂
Articha 7 months ago
Wow, what a good moment vs low rank players (Based on Jett and Cypher). Very beautiful. Show me this moments on Radiant, please
Daniel Woods
Daniel Woods 6 months ago
These are literally devs lol
Francis Alkan
Francis Alkan 7 months ago
What are you trying to imply?
phoondos 7 months ago
these are between the developers
Zher Gaming
Zher Gaming 7 months ago
Valorant is the best game 😗
그냥 7 months ago
갑자기 왜 올라온건지 알시는분..?
Ellis Hudson
Ellis Hudson 7 months ago
@콩디 nope
콩디 7 months ago
찐이넹 그냥캐릭소개아닐까요?
Ellis Hudson
Ellis Hudson 7 months ago
Phantom 7 months ago
goldiee goldieee
goldiee goldieee 7 months ago
wtf is that crosshair
Lala Lapras
Lala Lapras Month ago
it helps with tracking but ya dont need that in this game
RC 3 months ago
It's a CSGO style crosshair.
BατMaꜱτeR 3 months ago
hobomanity -
hobomanity - 6 months ago
it’s not bad, the only problem with it is that it’s green when he’s using viper
Yin Chu
Yin Chu 7 months ago
There are a lot of ur teammates with EXTRA THICC CROSSHAIRD
Bittex 7 months ago
After watching this i never stop running Viper with Sheriff Judge
smiling shibe
smiling shibe Month ago
@Aphelios is odin bad?
Frost Oblivion
Frost Oblivion Month ago
@Aphelios True lol odin 🤣💚❄
Aphelios 6 months ago
The gun is only as good as the player *Except the odin we don't talk about the odin*
Samurai 7 months ago
ATT _ Ask my parents. They clearly went to the army and knew that a shotgun would be named after me.
ATT _ 7 months ago
@Samurai butwhy
Amegen 7 months ago
Best character four skill players
Shashikant •́ ‿ •̀
@DsN KsA lol
Tyrome Biggums
Tyrome Biggums 7 months ago
For ?
DsN KsA 7 months ago
No best character five skilled players
Vinayak Singh
Vinayak Singh 7 months ago
When are we getting indian servers?
Animesh Gupta
Animesh Gupta 3 months ago
@Iida's Gross Legs I predicted the future buddy
Iida's Gross Legs
Iida's Gross Legs 3 months ago
@Animesh Gupta you are smoked🧠
ilikeyacutg6969 7 months ago
@Animesh Gupta or just wait a couple months they just launched
Animesh Gupta
Animesh Gupta 7 months ago
Maybe when u will spend some 💰 Because free games have mostly 1 or 2 ways to earn. If you like the game Show some support by purchasing skins Then they will notice players from India are spending money on their game And finally we will get an indian dedicated server :)
RumbleKnight YT
RumbleKnight YT 7 months ago
Viper Gang
Shad 7 months ago
why is it 3:4
Honey S Panikkar
Honey S Panikkar 7 months ago
Not everyone can use this character
Unipy Day ago
@smiling shibe No it dosen't because I'm a Viper main.
smiling shibe
@Unipy makes a ton more sense than your previous reply :)
Unipy Day ago
@smiling shibe What? That makes 0 sense.
smiling shibe
@Unipy if I can use a weak character which you can't, then it proves I'm good. Checkmate.
Unipy Day ago
@smiling shibe lol yes. She even once was the weakest character in the game, just get good.
Abdullah Muna
Abdullah Muna 7 months ago
anyone know song????
Burak 27 days ago
I know
Dianne Silva
Dianne Silva 7 months ago
Drip - Corbin Roe
Tigergetrekt 7 months ago
does anyone notice before she starts planting the spike it says sp1-k3 at 0:12
Lamar Jones
Lamar Jones 7 months ago
I would've loved if they just kept that. Adds a bit of fun flavor text
Lavenger 7 months ago
Kit BoiZ cool
Lavenger 7 months ago
͔ ͔ lmao there is no band wagon the game just shows.
splash 7 months ago
@Lavenger cringe bandwagon
Tigergetrekt 7 months ago
Lavenger well that’s just your opinion, we have different opinions
Hallows 7 months ago
mruh boment
Advik S
Advik S 7 months ago
Viper kinda bad doe 😳
HanNguyen 6 months ago
@Daniel Woods She can pick her Smoke up doe
Daniel Woods
Daniel Woods 6 months ago
@Jaden The Immortal there's a problem when her ult is the only decent thing about her lol
Ellis Hudson
Ellis Hudson 7 months ago
Viper farty
Jaden The Immortal
Jaden The Immortal 7 months ago
not if u know how to use her ultimate right
Game Over Addiction
Game Over Addiction 7 months ago
viper is still trash :(
JustAlpha 7 months ago
That is so far from the truth my g
Francis Alkan
Francis Alkan 7 months ago
Yea, if you're the one who played her. Lol.
Admiral Oink
Admiral Oink 7 months ago
@Game Over Addiction that's called a meta, it doesn't mean the character isn't good just others are better in more scenarios.. which I guess calls for a buff and imo decay should just be removed for the cloud and wall, it should just do solid damage instead of you regenerating health once your out of it unlike literally every other character that can do damage
Game Over Addiction
Game Over Addiction 7 months ago
@Jaden The Immortal you have a lot of more agents that can make more impact on a game than viper, just watch the t1 tournament, viper was picked once of 121 matches
Dratěnka 7 months ago
@Jaden The Immortal yes, it´s same with cypher - if u know how to use him, u are a beast