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“You thought you were safe”
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Jul 6, 2020




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Necrozma Channel Official
Omen: *G R A V E Y A R D*
OMEN 12 days ago
*Watch them Run!*
anime gear
anime gear 24 days ago
smooth af
Levi Boko
Levi Boko 25 days ago
Jax' long lost brother ????
Ethan Zimmerman
Ethan Zimmerman 29 days ago
aha yes eddie is a magician
Bhaskar Prajapati
*"I am the BEGINNING I am the END, I am the Monster Energy Drenk"*
Elijah Jiao
Elijah Jiao Month ago
why is he nerf btwww
L E V E L 0
L E V E L 0 Month ago
“Me trying to be a edgelord” *OMG HE LOOK SOO COOL*
Atik Hossain Dip
Omen : jett revive me.....
Fabricio Hartmann
January 2021 Update: Omen nerfed to the ground. F
soGame lorD
soGame lorD 18 days ago
Yeah valorant did it wrong
nzxR - Valorant
nzxR - Valorant Month ago
who's still here?
Zacharia Month ago
When i see omen, i see flexinja
Paul P
Paul P Month ago
I love how their definition of a "golden moment" is getting two kills and defusing the bomb
zombiefirebot 8 days ago
@Cloviski KK Hability
Cloviski KK
Cloviski KK Month ago
Golden moment is not about making a nice ace or something like that. You can make too nice play using the character hability, in this case this was omen golden moments because of how he used hability.
Rex Galilae
Rex Galilae Month ago
This is all their reveals lol Sick af background music with hyped af art. Video is about walking, turning, crouch shooting on repeat.
Alec Duder
Alec Duder 2 months ago
He could have just stuck it and still win
asparagus tax
asparagus tax 2 months ago
Ngl A good omen is truly terrifying
devansh gupta
devansh gupta 2 months ago
This is the best golden moment Omen=OP
Astro 2 months ago
Frost Oblivion
Frost Oblivion 2 months ago
Any 2020 omen main reading this ! 💚❄
Hwa Hood
Hwa Hood 2 months ago
The ordinary engineer longitudinally manage because sing untypically yawn per a elastic politician. lame, pretty harmonica
Mike Ferraro
Mike Ferraro 2 months ago
The damaging ocean historically curve because tip family allow pro a dark cub. supreme, cumbersome handicap
Binod Thapre
Binod Thapre 2 months ago
That beat is sick
SpartanAm 2 months ago
wow, the person who is in charge of the channel does a great job. read the description lol
Muhammad Aiman
Muhammad Aiman 2 months ago
more like golden mOMEN amirite :p
Stan David
Stan David 3 months ago
Why did you remove the "I am everywhere" it is way better then "Watch them run" and provided more lore.
SPlayZ4U 3 months ago
any omen masters like me ? :D
Adi1614 3 months ago
Idk why... But I think riot developers don't like omen....
Diose ツ
Diose ツ 3 months ago
*Omen Peruano*
Techno Monk
Techno Monk 3 months ago
Omen looks tooo OP in Artwork
rainer 3 months ago
Jett rebibe me
S1NK 3 months ago
Boy : Marry me.. ? Girl: Do you have a house..? Boy : No.. Girl: Do you have a BMW car.. ? Boy : No.. Girl: How much is your salary.. ? Boy : No salary.. but,.. Girl: No but. You have nothing.. How can i marry you.?? Leave please.! Boy: (talk to himself) I have one villa, 3 property lands, 3 Ferrari, 2Porsche.. Why I still need to buy BMW.?! How can I get the salary when actually I am the BOSS Moral:- Dont judge anyone without knowing the whole thing be a listener If u enjoyed the story plz do "SUBSCRIBE" to my US-first channel, i have to reach 1k. It takes only 5 seconds, thank you:heart: And I am sure u will love my content Have a nice day:blush::hugging::heart::heart:
Yin Chu
Yin Chu 4 months ago
Me when I one ult: enemy checks every megapixel in the map
Remy Cohn-Aronoff
Remy Cohn-Aronoff 4 months ago
I guess I got a bad Omen, then.
The brawling Desert
The brawling Desert 4 months ago
Any reape... I mean OmEn mains?
DroitXD 4 months ago
im a omen main and i know where he is from :)
Adib Arshed Rahman
ALPHAWOLF 7860 4 months ago
I LOVE OMEN cuz I can spawn at there base and attack then
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi 4 months ago
Fun fact: Omen is one of the villans in Valorant he works for kingdom (the dudes who control the radiant ores and also the defending team) Theres proof on his Cape if he takes his knife out u can see the kingdom logo
@BOIMUNCHLINGS yea they are pulsing like energy flowing through them
BOIMUNCHLINGS 2 months ago
@AuRora'sDrawingCorner I can also see that he doesn't have much control of his powers as we can see when we pull out his abilities his hands are shaking in some distorted way
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi 4 months ago
@AuRora'sDrawingCorner alright but explain icebox attackers spawn u can see experiments done by kingdom and some samurai looking dude
Actualllyyyy we don't know if Kingdom is bad or not. They created the spike as well as the defuser. Also Omen, Viper, Brimstone and probably Breach aswell are working for them. We do know that Kingdom controls most parts of the world like morocco, that's why Cypher is really mad at what they did to his country. Omen was human, was friends with Viper aka Sabine and both were probably working on a experiment for Kingdom. When the theory is correct that experiment went wrong in million ways and many people were victims of the radianite. Like Omen. He got turned into what he is now. But we do know he doesn't really enjoy his powers. He looks at Viper, saying that they both became monsters (probably Viper became the evil scientist after what happened to Omen) and saying that atleast she can hide these feelings but Omens apperiance will scare most people away. Which is a sign that he is still a good person but is a prisoner of his current form. Because, as I said already, people are scared by his shadow form though he has nothing bad in mind. He wouldn't defend humanity if his plants were evil. Plus a part of kingdom organizes VALORANT sooo they are probably the good ones.
KADY MUSIC 4 months ago
It'sGudStuf 4 months ago
Who recorded this vertically and where do they live?
Eric La
Eric La 4 months ago
gg no team
Qubeieee 4 months ago
Still my best agent
2025- Mahendran.M
2025- Mahendran.M 4 months ago
This thing is now not even possible in b2 lobby 🤣🤣
Vyas Vishwakarma
Vyas Vishwakarma 4 months ago
Hey i want this to use in my stream can i use it? Pleaaaase
fat cat
fat cat 2 months ago
Mustafa Bin Yousaf
Mustafa Bin Yousaf 4 months ago
I love the way valorant edit their videos
RumbleKnight YT
RumbleKnight YT 4 months ago
Tobo The Amazing
Tobo The Amazing 4 months ago
ViGilante-69 4 months ago
They Call Omen but I Call Women 😆 lol
José Victor
José Victor 4 months ago
i'm sure that he's from Runeterra, LoL universe
Barni 22
Barni 22 4 months ago
Is it just me or does he actually look like Skeletor? (except the face, obviously)
Zepfstein 5 months ago
4:3 be like bruh
_phiz 5 months ago
Act 2 trailer ?
Kilicus 5 months ago
Ah yes 2 kills very epic
Muhammad Aji
Muhammad Aji 5 months ago
Check my youtube omen highlight
AshYe 5 months ago
one time in spike rush i got an ace with the op then tped and defused the bomb still my best moment
Orbital Stream
Orbital Stream 5 months ago
Ima just say this **Teleports behind you** *Nothing Personal kid*
Althair Razor
Althair Razor 5 months ago
Snehal m
Snehal m 5 months ago
Omen is just the coolest agent ngl
Bliz GREY 5 months ago
SONG NAME--- Stefandré - Panic ;)
Spartonio 5 months ago
Am i the only one who finds these mini montages cringe
ツSushayfriend 5 months ago
What is the song?
Sifat Raihan
Sifat Raihan 5 months ago
Sifat Raihan
Sifat Raihan 5 months ago
No one can beat omen
Thendi Vlogs
Thendi Vlogs 5 months ago
can you do a killjoy one pls?
EnderVamp 6 months ago
Omen's eye turns red. Idk when it happens
EnderVamp 5 months ago
@Bill Clinton I just figured it out, after Omen's ult his eyes turn red for a while or something like that but I'm sure this happens after using Ultimate
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton 5 months ago
Noticed it too on an enemy Omen. I think it has something to do with kills
Tanjim Rasul
Tanjim Rasul 6 months ago
Sound track : Stefandré - Panic
Z_Torcher Month ago
You a GOAT for that.
Tanjim Rasul
Tanjim Rasul 6 months ago
what is the name of the sound track?
Giancarlo Dávila Moreno
hello, when are you planning to improve the LATAM servers ????????
Narendra Singh
Narendra Singh 6 months ago
remember this game will remain next 15 years easily
Zubin Cheruvallath
Zubin Cheruvallath 6 months ago
eddie pog champ
Yadhu Krishna MJ
Yadhu Krishna MJ 6 months ago
Every time when enemy omen ults.... Mah teammates : *ChEcK Da F*cKing SpAwN* . .. ... For those who don't know where to ult ,these where i ult( omen main diamond II ) . 1) very unexpected places , sometimes exactly where i was to confuse and distract them 2) Into teleporters for surprize attacks 3) teleport and cancel for scouting 4) Spam smokes to where u are going to teleport( risky, good aim recommended) 5) teleport to higher grounds like above boxes with smokes covering ya 6) Spam ammo to a site , then teleport to our own spawn ,immediate cancel , push( My favorite , dunno how this works sooo flawlessly everytime)
Crusader Month ago
always check spawn when the scat man scatters
Golden Mage
Golden Mage 4 months ago
HaHa 4 months ago
@Marek Kuz just ult spawn
Marek Kuz
Marek Kuz 4 months ago
Smelyn lmao I’m not good either it’s just that remember you can cancel it and it’s fairly loud when you’re in and out of the animation for teleporting and you can always cancel it so it can be used for scouting however it’s pretty effective at taking crucial areas like high ground on a of ascent when trying to retake and I see myself doing that often
Smelyn 4 months ago
@Marek Kuz Gimme tips where i should ult plz
RENGOD main 6 months ago
when you give zed a gun
Zacharia Month ago
Thats exactly what i thought the first time i saw omen 😂😂
Spoonesi 6 months ago
Lol I thought the intro of the music was from Todrick Hall's T.H.U.G that song was a bop
zUltra 6 months ago
Wasn't he in the Alpha tho?
Dávid Kari
Dávid Kari 6 months ago
Once i won a 4v1 with 1 HP
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton 5 months ago
Got an Ace with 10 HP
Verosity 6 months ago
Omen be like : yOu wEre A mIStakE
Banyár Tibor
Banyár Tibor 6 months ago
My favorite
Otterfan :D
Otterfan :D 6 months ago
This clip is so old. This was from really early in the beta.
sam 6 months ago
no shit sherlock
Erwin Wira
Erwin Wira 6 months ago
Sova, Russian Jett, Korean Brimstone, United States And the another Agents Omen, Unknown Me : HUH? Is he from Asgard? Or Another Earth?
Just Some Girl with a Mustache
I-Is it just me or Omen’s kinda.....hot. 😳
UnseenRBLX 6 months ago
I see a omen main...welp (chuckle) *I'm in danger*
Just Some Girl with a Mustache
Rean Raven you don’t agree? 🥺
Rean Raven
Rean Raven 6 months ago
Okay what 😂
Percy Goodbeard
Percy Goodbeard 6 months ago
"Mom can we get reaper?" "We have reaper at home." Reaper at home:
Ellias Green
Ellias Green 5 months ago
Nice joke lol
Türkbey Kılıç
Türkbey Kılıç 6 months ago
Murat EREN
Murat EREN 6 months ago
İ can give u Omen golden moment. Omg it was so bad
Decurious 6 months ago
They pretty much could've put any flex ninja video as omens golden moment and it would had sufficed
ᄋᄂᄋ 7 months ago
Brewster Kyoto
Brewster Kyoto 7 months ago
Fun fact : Omen is a octopus
OsamaBinStrappin 7 months ago
Raze: Brazil Phoenix: UK Cypher: Morocco Sage: China Omen: *HELL*
M Perdana
M Perdana 2 days ago
good joke
Dorian Alain
Dorian Alain 21 day ago
Reyna: México
Valvy Aly
Valvy Aly Month ago
@Kurshami K mans got corrected when he was trying to correct somebody Feels Bad
Heinz Doofenshmirtz
@cocarony Lmao true
cocarony Month ago
No omen is from my closet
Mo Pri
Mo Pri 7 months ago
Reaper? Oh no its you Omen xD
Obi wan Kenobi
Obi wan Kenobi 7 months ago
Osmien 7 months ago
Omen is the most toxic character.
NitriX 7 months ago
OMEN = Clutch King
Shadow14 7 months ago
i used his ult to get behind people and kill them and they thought i used teleport hacks hahaha
Black Cat
Black Cat 7 months ago
What is music ?
Rose Gold Revenant
Rose Gold Revenant 7 months ago
“Blind and dead”
BroNinja54 7 months ago
Reaper: you took everything from me! Omen: I don’t even know who you are
Darcus DMO
Darcus DMO 6 days ago
@xxprologan Cool Another proof is phoenix asking omen how he isnt injured and if he was even a human.
Darcus DMO
Darcus DMO 6 days ago
@xxprologan Cool Nah, reaper is human with infected DNA, while omen is a shadow of a memory from a dead man. Cannot be killed twice, when u kill him, he shatter into shadows and come back after time. He is unkillable. While reaper infected DNA doesnt make him immortal.
xxprologan Cool
xxprologan Cool 7 days ago
@Darcus DMO Reaper isn't human either. Also a quote from Brimstone, "Human or not, that thing can be killed."
Darcus DMO
Darcus DMO 21 day ago
tbf, if u put a fight between reaper and omen, pretty sure omen should win, since he isnt a human anyway, so he is unbreakable.
MrHeadshotzz 7 months ago
Imagine playing omen with an up omen branded pc
Abdullah Al Nuha
Abdullah Al Nuha 7 months ago
Where is raze??
edboom4321 7 months ago
Old beta lol
hari kittu
hari kittu 7 months ago
We exploit omen's smoking ability to see through walls... I have done this few times. May be bug that needs to be reported. Tried to report in the Riot website but the process was confusing
Kecombo Gaming
Kecombo Gaming 7 months ago
I just really lovee with the valorant vibe 😗
Nova 7 months ago
I have outplayed so many people with his tele and I've only played like 6 games as him
Obito Uchiha
Obito Uchiha 7 months ago
Everybody gasta...till u hear, here comes the party.