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PHOENIX /// United Kingdom
"You already know the name"
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Jul 6, 2020




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Hana Mahmoud
Hana Mahmoud Day ago
who is this guy?, what is this suit?, what are these superability?, there he is!
JayTheFurry 8 days ago
BuzzJoy 9 days ago
Can't believe how OP his wall used to be. U could move it like jetts smoke
Nemtz 8 days ago
tf you mean you can still move it smh
lexie bruh
lexie bruh 12 days ago
love of my life
doe 50tao para luangameplay
you phoenix: proceeds to ult and ace my phoenix: proceeds to ult, flash himself and my teammates, and get knifed by a guy camping on his ult spawn point
Lauren _____
Lauren _____ 13 days ago
Who thinks they should add radiant coins in the battlepass?
Eclipsis 17 days ago
Song is "On My Level"
GreenStrqfe 19 days ago
ult is w 9head
TinTraxImo 24 days ago
Is no one going to talk about how similar Phoenix looks and sounds to KSI?
Simun Siam
Simun Siam Month ago
everyone:W to walk phoenix:W for JOKES OVA,YOUR DED
Glitched Month ago
alr all who main phoenix know that u flash ur self atleast 20 times a game and always die first how do i know this? experience
Zeka Month ago
Just gonna pretend I didn't see those keybinds.
Dawg WotAh
Dawg WotAh Month ago
Um so male voice over...
Cutedu Month ago
wait, you can curve phoenix wall? i didnt know that, nice
Franky Month ago
Oleg Balabanov
Oleg Balabanov Month ago
Wait, male narrator? Sounds cool
purlm Month ago
this guy wants to play on stretch
Natural Nate
Natural Nate Month ago
"Choke Sova! You're dead!"
Unknown Person
Unknown Person Month ago
Graphic quality is ass
Akshat Jain
Akshat Jain Month ago
whats with the aspect ratio
Kouarfate Wène
Kouarfate Wène Month ago
flashes, flash everywhere TT
goob gab
goob gab Month ago
"Let me show you how the boss does it." *Proceeds to flash himself and teammates*
Fantagreen Month ago
Rememba... stay out of fire! Super high level tactic, remember yeah?
NightScream MV
NightScream MV Month ago
7-11 yep
Cideonator Month ago
Is noone gonna talk about the very very old announcer
Cowerth Cowerth
Cowerth Cowerth Month ago
i love hwo they have shown pheonix as such a roadman
Spinning Month ago
My fav. one hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe
they had a male narrator! kewl
Luvya Trehan
Luvya Trehan Month ago
the blaze wall looked better in beta
Paulo Vinicius
Paulo Vinicius Month ago
jogo cheio de problemas, o jogador manda um ticket e o suporte nem responde, jogo parece que está no beta ainda, eu acho que o mínimo que eles deveriam fazer é responder os jogadores,mas nem isso.
Thimaiah Baduvamanda
Sahil Chimulkar
Sahil Chimulkar Month ago
That crosshair is lit
LazerG Month ago
Did anyone else realize that the ult is "W"
SaikalyanOP 2 months ago
w = ultimate then,
HILAL x ZHEB 2 months ago
This is my favorite agents on valorant
HILAL x ZHEB 2 months ago
I thought that was xxxtentacion 😂😂
scalevindo gaming
scalevindo gaming 2 months ago
he is my main than comes omen
Close Encounter
Close Encounter 2 months ago
PLEASE ADD EACH CHARACTERS CAMPAIGN...... it'll be fun to play there story
COSMIC K 2 months ago
Breadツ 3 months ago
The narrator voice tho
3mkLpyoo Lpy-oo
3mkLpyoo Lpy-oo 3 months ago
Descent valorant on ps4
3mkLpyoo Lpy-oo
3mkLpyoo Lpy-oo 3 months ago
Descent valorant on ps4
3mkLpyoo Lpy-oo
3mkLpyoo Lpy-oo 3 months ago
Descent valorant on ps4
3mkLpyoo Lpy-oo
3mkLpyoo Lpy-oo 3 months ago
Descent valorant on ps4
Шойгер Рипович
флин флай тагарт
Rifadh mardiansya
Rifadh mardiansya 3 months ago
any idea how to make the opening ?
JustJit XD
JustJit XD 3 months ago
Honesty was expecting "Triple Baby" and "SKRRRRRR"
Bulut Atakut2K
Bulut Atakut2K 3 months ago
Shadow Moon
Shadow Moon 4 months ago
A bad Phoenix does more harm to his own team 🥴
kvtomy 4 months ago
Yo what's this beats name it's pretty insane
Jaymes Johnson
Jaymes Johnson 4 months ago
Can we talk about the chonkyboy Omen pic in the top? He's eating a potato for sure
Dlta_Dummy 4 months ago
Ult is on "W" wtf
Common 4 months ago
W for ult imagine what their LMB is.
demfak •
demfak • 4 months ago
everytime he goes "Sit down!" I go "Be humble!"
Kim Febriany
Kim Febriany 15 days ago
Aessuo 4 months ago
no one gonna talk how his ult is binded to w
Priyanshu 4 months ago
Need Indian servers
Animation Park
Animation Park 4 months ago
Anyone noticed that original voice was of a *man* saying clutch
MikeB 5 months ago
I would like an option to use that male voice line. He actually sounds pretty darn good.
SlysJore 5 months ago
gillette match 3
gillette match 3 5 months ago
why all the characters based on the pyro from tf2 are always so annoying?
DaEggie 5 months ago
Flick Gaming
Flick Gaming 5 months ago
Remember, stay out deh fire
EnderVamp 6 months ago
*Remembah stay outta fire super high level tactics remember yah* Flashes himself and allies
Geogre Naliott
Geogre Naliott 6 months ago
So, when i do it i'm getting banned for Aimbot, but Rito can do it all day long baby
Giancarlo Dávila Moreno
hello, when are you planning to improve the LATAM servers ????????
bliivet 6 months ago
the ult is w. no seriously the hotkey is w
Honey S Panikkar
Honey S Panikkar 6 months ago
KARPOORAM kayil kondu nadakunnavan
Edwin Alias
Edwin Alias 4 months ago
Tayshaun Durell Uvero
everybody gangsta till cypher uses his ult
Muhammad Hidayat
Muhammad Hidayat 6 months ago
Paul Pogba + velveTEEN Dream =
Lautaro Romero Zaya
Lautaro Romero Zaya 6 months ago
Why is the narrator like that?
Ag bassit Ti butum
Ag bassit Ti butum 6 months ago
Damn the old announcer was a guy?
Suhruth Srivibhavan
Suhruth Srivibhavan 6 months ago
Can sombody tell me the songs they used in these golden moments clips..They are very good
Eclipsis 17 days ago
Its "On my level"
Eclipsis 17 days ago
Bump, I want to know this videos one
Eggy 6 months ago
Now i finally know that his wall of fire can change directions
Yeet Souls
Yeet Souls 5 months ago
Same here
Noisy Tech Tips
Noisy Tech Tips 6 months ago
Aim bot or vandal without recoil for trailer
sabrina ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
hate when he flashes the team tho
Louie Sucayan
Louie Sucayan 7 months ago
Video Phoenix: flashes and kills enemies In-game Phoenix: flashes self and teammates
Louie Sucayan
Louie Sucayan 6 months ago
@Edward Sam can't learn to play along with a joke huh. Didn't even say all dude learn some humor.
Edward Sam
Edward Sam 6 months ago
Not all users does that, I bet you are an unranked player lmao
benni4451 7 months ago
Riding rownd in a rohwa !
Rose Gold Revenant
Rose Gold Revenant 7 months ago
Jett with a shotgun. Accurate
TorManiak 7 months ago
... I kinda dig this announcer.
by_ jujfy
by_ jujfy 7 months ago
nice crosshair
Game2damax 7 months ago
who here uses phoenix as there main? just me? ok
Edward Sam
Edward Sam 6 months ago
Me boi
Лютик • standoff 2
Игра топ мне нравится
Hz Damien
Hz Damien 7 months ago
whats the graphics settings they used here?
Rahul B Nair
Rahul B Nair 7 months ago
30 seconds and the whole teams out.
SwagerMaster 7 months ago
wait his alt is on W ????????
Liu Alex
Liu Alex 7 months ago
That’s aimbor
send_trees 7 months ago
his keybinds scare me
bebeh 6 days ago
@Okan Soylu he will use keys on the right side of the board
Okan Soylu
Okan Soylu 6 days ago
@bebeh how will he press 4 and operate mouse at the same time?
Thierry Low
Thierry Low Month ago
bebeh Month ago
Might be left handed, hello?
BΛUL Month ago
@mrlolas they dont use qwerty in france
Biswajit Laskar
Biswajit Laskar 7 months ago
can i use some clips of this video ???? or its get copyright ???
AspectZ 7 months ago
Uhh where’s your guy?
AspectZ 7 months ago
Tbh I only use him because I’m from the uk and he is to 😂 (I’m messing his abilities are actually decent he’s my favourite character)
GUM Zubb
GUM Zubb 7 months ago
And all in one mag
syzef 7 months ago
Yo the old flash design and old fire wall design looks so cool
NewesttoCS 7 months ago
Cyrus Castrodes
Cyrus Castrodes 6 months ago
@NewesttoCS how it is aimbot lmao he is a semi pro csgo players make his aim look like a aimbot if you watch shroud vs valorant developers he literally destroy shroud a semi pro csgo player have like 5k+ hours on csgo
NewesttoCS 6 months ago
Cyrus Castrodes so aimbot
Cyrus Castrodes
Cyrus Castrodes 6 months ago
no lol the one who play is volcano ex semi pro csgo player and developer of valorant
SENTRi 7 months ago
is no one gonna talk about the male announcer
Khamlue 6 months ago
@Bio Lassi I wonder how he even walks. And the wall on 4.
Bio Lassi
Bio Lassi 6 months ago
is noone talking about his ult beeing on w?
amgad abdo14x
amgad abdo14x 7 months ago
This is not golden moment It is goldenhack.v3
Vaibhav Mishra
Vaibhav Mishra 7 months ago
That's smooth af
GameplayRunner 7 months ago
This is perfect aim
Shashwat Bajracharya
Anyone else phoenix main? ✋
Enson Yeung
Enson Yeung 7 months ago
typical “how the freak he knew there is a people right there"
random commenter
random commenter 7 months ago
Just check all angles obviously
Abdulrahman Ibrahim
Abdulrahman Ibrahim 7 months ago
Wtf how can u move the wall like that ?
jk12324 7 months ago
Hold and drag the mouse
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