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With the launch of Killjoy, we thought it’d be a good time to ask VALORANT’s Lead Character Designer Ryan “Morello” Scott about the “extreme intentionality” and roster impact of Agent Design (off-stream, of course).
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Aug 19, 2020




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Mayline Delas Armas
Valorant mobile please! When you gonna release it
PreCon Tech
PreCon Tech 21 day ago
I think the only bad thing about Valorant is the ban time. It is 5 hours for me, which is pretty much.
Derp Fox
Derp Fox 27 days ago
Design agent so generic looking
Junel Sweetie
Junel Sweetie Month ago
the lead designer sounds like gaben
kirk detruz
kirk detruz 2 months ago
why you changing the abilities of killjoy?????
Anju 2 months ago
I really want to make a agent I am ready with the character
anhtagonist 2 months ago
Tommegg 3 months ago
I'd absolutely love when your team blind Killjoy or friendly fire Killjoy she would scream "mein gott muss das sein"
Raffaelle G.C.
Raffaelle G.C. 3 months ago
Pls bring back alpha interface. That's cool for me.
Trung Nguyen-Xuan
Trung Nguyen-Xuan 4 months ago
when does riot implement the replay button in match history ? it's way more convenient to do the yt montage with that feature.
Shina May Lim
Shina May Lim 4 months ago
Killjoy is really cool. I'm actually playing her a lot and for some reason, she's easier to play than Sage and Reyna for me.
Jimmy Prakoso Widyanto
Make southeast asia agent, maybe like from indonesian or other. Take a look on some southeast culture and identity
Bedirhan çakır
Bedirhan çakır 4 months ago
I wonder why u guys are not making any MALE Agent?
kwstas tsoukas
kwstas tsoukas 4 months ago
Creat EUROPE SERVER without turkey
Clementine 4 months ago
See you again, Morello.
rog3r skunk
rog3r skunk 4 months ago
*MONEY MONGER RIOT GAMES - VALORANT* earlier for every round played we got 100xp and every round won gave 200 xp.. so 23 rounds in total i.e. 2300 xp + 13 rounds won i.e 2600 = 4900 now they even reduced the xp cos I only got 4k instead of 4.9k; where infact they should be giving more xp cos its last week. But they are more interested in people spending money for the next battlepass and the eagerness to do that will be more if you can't get the knife this battlepass.
Hiro Kala
Hiro Kala 4 months ago
When will you fix viper?
Hiro Kala
Hiro Kala 4 months ago
What KJ does? Annoys people.
Franz Liszt
Franz Liszt 4 months ago
linux support pleaseeee
Z A 4 months ago
This guy is genius. 💯
S4S4N 4 months ago
Repair operator.
Mackenzie Brown
Mackenzie Brown 4 months ago
3:45 who is that agent killing jet? lol
Cold88 4 months ago
Old Reyna
Ramya Parekh 램파트
Bring back Raze's 2 charges on her grenade skill pls 😭
Diego Zamorano
Diego Zamorano 5 months ago
Valorant is full of cheaters
Adrian Ganni
Adrian Ganni 5 months ago
Character idea: Gender:male Power:electric Skill 1: electric ball that can goes through walls and deals 50 damage to a player,has 2 charges Skill 2:he increases his speed to 2.0x for 5 seconds,only have 1 charge Skill 3:he can paralyze and in a straight line for 1 second,has 2 charges ultimate:he goes on a storm mode,he will have a speed boost of 3.0x for 60 seconds and ables to paralyze someone if he wants to. Hope this got picked up by VALORANT!
柳西梦 Ceevone Carlyle Emnace
Can you realease valorant in Mobile
Cold88 4 months ago
@Očołuoĺ actually yes
Očołuoĺ 5 months ago
Can you conect mouse and Keyboard on Mobile? ;-)
Caden 5 months ago
this guy is a good public speaker I trust he knows what hes talking about
Timur 56255
Timur 56255 5 months ago
But the problematic part is characterisation and personality. Most of them are unoriginal nowadays.
DrVince 5 months ago
We need more THICCness to get more people🤣
RazorOne 5 months ago
Fix the damn server , high rate of packetloss in India
The Sage Games
The Sage Games 5 months ago
when will valorant release in mobile????
Ansh Gujral
Ansh Gujral 5 months ago
Add my character
Marilyn Buscas
Marilyn Buscas 5 months ago
Can i play the game ur playing
Lachlan Burt
Lachlan Burt 5 months ago
The beta version looked like potato valorant but also it looked super cool
YĞZMAX25 5 months ago
A player playing valorant sova threw me an ulcer and shock arrow and reduced my life I won with 13 points in my last games, jettle was shooting at me in that game, I am banned destroyer # 8439 ygzmax25 # 6541 buda my ID destroyer I ask to ban the ID of the attacker please reply
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 5 months ago
Dont stop
Ecarium Gaming
Ecarium Gaming 5 months ago
For the store of offers please and thank you
Ecarium Gaming
Ecarium Gaming 5 months ago
Can you bring back the ElDERFLAME vandal
Anna Cherry Jeliema Sumo
Levente Perge
Levente Perge 5 months ago
lilipotter 5 months ago
I wanna cry while playing games because it freezes
WILLIAM 5 months ago
South Asia server
MRLEVELS1 5 months ago
Freezeshift 5 months ago
was that beta footage at 5:23 really telling me killjoy was gonna be a frikin robot? A FRIKIN ROBOT?
Lt Nasty
Lt Nasty 5 months ago
When is this game coming to mobile
Сергей Ноздрин
Выйдет ли валоранд на телефон???
Edward Vici
Edward Vici 5 months ago
What is next agent?
Filipina Vlog
Filipina Vlog 5 months ago
How to patch the valorant in the client pc ?
Mohammed Nazir
Mohammed Nazir 5 months ago
Valorent ps4
Mohammed Nazir
Mohammed Nazir 5 months ago
didonni 5 months ago
Why everyone sayes that valoront ani-cheat has viruses????
Omar 5 months ago
I have only one question “are we going to get valorant on console?”
MR YELLOW 5 months ago
Where is valorant for console?!
Zackaxz 5 months ago
I want a Filipino agent :)))))
ENDOLIZER 5 months ago
lala loza1
lala loza1 5 months ago
even i reinstalled it
lala loza1
lala loza1 5 months ago
i can't enter any match what is that glitch your game is full of bugs
apexio 5 months ago
Cs go gruptan ayrıldı
Allif 5 months ago
I don't have pc I have ps4 but I want to play valorant so much
Allif 5 months ago
Please valorant and ps4❤️
CPaul Pineda
CPaul Pineda 5 months ago
Hi, I am from the Philippines and i think the game is grate, its super pc friendly but the server is the problem, we constantly get ping spikes or sometimes all game lag then get punished for being afk when the game is literally unplayable, is there gonna be a server in South east asia?
ScytePlayz 5 months ago
Niceeeee! 🔥
NT Laux
NT Laux 5 months ago
Loving this video! Very interesting how they make games
Boiii ._.
Boiii ._. 5 months ago
Can you add a new character that uses earth element or maybe even light, prism, water, etc...
Boop 5 months ago
This is going to be a long comment it might need a second comment to go with it but here is what I would want for the next agent His recharge ability would have 2 uses before needing 2 kills to replenish His 2nd ability would cost 300 for each charge His 3rd ability would cost 250 and would be the size of omens smoke His ult would need 8 ult points to aquire His recharge ability would be like cyphers camera where he can put it on walls but he wouldn't be able to see things with it instead it would be like cyphers cyber cage where he can detonate it wherever he is on detenation it would shoot out a beam of light which would blind the enemy for 6 seconds almost like breachs flash His next ability would have 2 charges and with it he could put down a portal. He could chose where the portal sends the enemy and the portal can only be used on one enemy and cannot be used for teammates. The portal would also be like cyphers trip wire where it turns invisible but when you get close you can see it His 3rd ability would have 1 charge and would surround an area like a smoke but everyone can see through it if you go inside you can get hit from players on the outside and if you are outside cant get hit from the inside. The barrier would have 550 health. His ult would be a portal the anyone can travel through. it would be like using a portal gun from the game portal and you can travel back and forth as many times as you want I think this would be a fun and very useful agent if he where in the game he will most definitely need some changes to balance him out.
wa Lol
wa Lol 5 months ago
its a trash game for csgo players
Bien Mico Orteguia
Bien Mico Orteguia 5 months ago
srajatji 5 months ago
but her jacket is too puffy
Dani campi
Dani campi 5 months ago
So I went to the bathroom, came back 10 seconds late and I couldn't choose the character, and they give me 1 hour of ban. Good future see you Valorant
Homar 5 months ago
I want a free OP skin or vandal skin
BlackHoodedCat 5 months ago
no updates?
Advanced 5 months ago
I love you and riot games
otterrr 5 months ago
1:25 C96 Mauser
X3RATH 5 months ago
plz add a server in india !
Aegron 26
Aegron 26 5 months ago
Hello there could you guys maybe make valorant avalable in macOS? Ireally want to play it now.. Anyways nice video it has full of knowledge
Bikiron Deka
Bikiron Deka 5 months ago
Manual server selection for unrated and comp just like customs PLEASE!!!!!!
Balázs Fleisz
Balázs Fleisz 5 months ago
Fix the game
yasmin シ
yasmin シ 5 months ago
i got killjoy
Mehmet Ali Çopur
Mehmet Ali Çopur 5 months ago
kardeş güncelleme diyonuz bizi yiyonu oyun 31 kodu diye hata veriyor oglım
Miaca Valencia
Miaca Valencia 5 months ago
yall need to make an agent from philippines
Signor Monopoli
Signor Monopoli 5 months ago
Plz put Valorant on all console
Mr. Hardinero
Mr. Hardinero 5 months ago
Reyna is fat legs
Spaghett0id 5 months ago
Reyna is over powered. I shouldn’t be able to hit her for 154 damage and not kill her just cause she got 1 frag and overhealed.
Novikov_Principle 5 months ago
Gonna take just a few moments to stop appreciating the game design wisdom being imparted and _start_ appreciating that *F.F. Tactics painted relief carving* hanging on the wall! Just... WOW.
2026 Bright Kereth
2026 Bright Kereth 5 months ago
*plz add controller
Očołuoĺ 5 months ago
*AutoAim bullshit...
Shree Sharda
Shree Sharda 5 months ago
Valorant is way more addictive than PUBG !
halil sarp ünal
halil sarp ünal 5 months ago
ya bişey diyecem ben bir kere sıralamda karakter almadım diye 1.50.23 saniye ceza yedim sizin yapacağınız oyun mantığını *****
Shay 5 months ago
Reyna can fk you aggressively.. Sage can fk you defensively.. Killjoy can fk you aggressively while remaining defensive..
Shay 5 months ago
Raze was enough to make a man go insane... Then we got killjoy...
Supa Rmi
Supa Rmi 5 months ago
Make a skin dino
IİI 5 months ago
yeni ajan ne zmn gelcek laan
Jexcy Boy
Jexcy Boy 5 months ago
I am Just waiting for some "EMOTES" in the game. Would be a lot cool if you did.
Atomic Fist
Atomic Fist 5 months ago
How About Bringing An Agent from India?BTW LOVE THE UPDATE😃
xristos lkf
xristos lkf 5 months ago
With these mechanics and movements a battle royale mode will be really perfect and lovely
Kiet Vo
Kiet Vo 5 months ago
Tôi cần ngày phát hành chính thức tại Việt Nam
Son Pc Bükücü
Son Pc Bükücü 5 months ago
book your place now, take your place to start playing valorant a few years later folks crazy
Dwagon YT
Dwagon YT 5 months ago
There is more console players than pc players
Očołuoĺ 5 months ago
Shut up peasant...
Dwagon YT
Dwagon YT 5 months ago
Your putting more agents but no console players can play
Dwagon YT
Dwagon YT 5 months ago
Make it more fun by putting it on console please