Introducing Elderflame // Skin Reveal Trailer - VALORANT 

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Awaken the fire within. Unlock VALORANT’s first Ultra Edition skins: Elderflame. Available in the store 7/10.
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Jul 8, 2020




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Đğķñ 2 days ago
Skins are way too expensive :/ i think riot games should atleast add some free and simple looking skins
Isaac Baracker
Isaac Baracker 3 days ago
Wish they still kept doing these
Justin Oscar
Justin Oscar 4 days ago
Dragonlore but Valorant
Fossil 5 days ago
There goes my salary
Jinsan 7 days ago
everytime i got the last hit i always type "dracarys" on all chat haha so fun
Phước Trần
Phước Trần 8 days ago
expensive af
ღ 『Mrs. Leon』 ღ ツ
abi ben kalıcı ban yedim haksız yere Adım Snopy oyunda kaldırırmısın Emek vermiştim tam demir 3 oldugumda ban yedim kalıcı kaldırırmısın lütfen
darkstateofme Nyman
Ah yes, the skins that cost you your stimulus check.
loqz 9 days ago
elder flame is still the most expensive skins in the shop
ToxicLike 10 days ago
to be fair, these top tier val skins are far cheaper than top tier csgo skins lol
PatPat Yin
PatPat Yin Hour ago
@Judson You buy skins from steam market? Lmao There's other places for you to buy and sell.
Judson 12 hours ago
@_GG_ but you can only get back in steam wallet, what would i need 1300 euro of steam wallet for
_GG_ 3 days ago
@Grandmaster Yoda you can pay 1000 euro for a knife skin and sell it for 1300 euro. The problem with valorant is that there is no marketplace where you can profit off your investment into the game. Skins in valorant are just a money pit pretty much.
Grandmaster Yoda
Grandmaster Yoda 5 days ago
@Joel Jasmin you can buy a set of weaponskins that are good, or you pay fucking 1000 euro for a knive skin
Joel Jasmin
Joel Jasmin 9 days ago
You usually get your money back or profit from top tier csgo skins. It holds value. Or at least you can get some money back. And there's a lot of good skins on csgo that are cheap af too. But I won't deny valorant skins look better and are "worth" spending money on
Cagan Video
Cagan Video 10 days ago
trash skin
Yakuphan Tufan
Yakuphan Tufan 10 days ago
The guy that comments
Other fps: lets make cool graffiti guns! Valorant: hahhhahah dragon
Tai Sun Kai
Tai Sun Kai 14 days ago
The day when aimbot gun was born
young-blud __
young-blud __ 16 days ago
çko pahalı
JRplayin 19 days ago
Ngl I just bought the elderflame vandal from the store and i dont regret it.
JMP0403 20 days ago
over priced
Yin Chu
Yin Chu 23 days ago
Ima sell my left kidney
kilduff 24 days ago
Ya know the game is struggling when the only cantent they can make for a trailer is a fucking skin kek.
Infinite Gamer
Infinite Gamer 24 days ago
Introducing no wallet skins
Ye boye Cam
Ye boye Cam 25 days ago
where's the trigger ?
ÖMER BAHA TURAN 26 days ago
ben aldım seti çok iyi oymuyorum setle hele vandal
Spitfire X1
Spitfire X1 29 days ago
Wait.... so is the trigger a little PP
mad adad
mad adad Month ago
Good point of this pack: This is one of the best of all the game Bad point: This cost more than 100 euros
only your whole wallet and half your soul for one of the pack
Amv Kiddo
Amv Kiddo Month ago
YA i should sell my kidney for that skin lol
gamesatom8 Month ago
You would make nore money if this was like 30 dollars but ok
mifigor 19
mifigor 19 Month ago
Well in CS it'll probably cost just as much
Avvi Month ago
The judge is a joke
Zeo89 Month ago
This got on my recommended 6 months later
Copper 29
Copper 29 Month ago
The day I buy this is the day I win the lottery
Izaya orihara
Izaya orihara Month ago
Will you have it on your shop tho ??
Some Chalk
Some Chalk Month ago
GamestreamerArK Month ago
im broke sorry. prolly gonna steal these from rich bois who die.
GiantCuttlefish Month ago
Can u put the price down a lil bit?
Porky Month ago
wtf this was only 6 months ago
The Inevitable Man
i wonder what the trigger will look like..🤔.
TOXIKKID Month ago
i mean i wanted to buy a new mouse and new headset but...
meme god
meme god Month ago
Me no have money :((( me want skin :((( me sad :((
Dixiho občasná videa
Where is the trigger man?? Like that dragon got little pp or somethin?
CheesyNibbah Month ago
u bet :^)
AeronProbably Month ago
The new ea
Darsh Jain
Darsh Jain Month ago
Demon souls dragon community - That's illegal
Flaming Pheonix
Flaming Pheonix Month ago
The judge is chock tho
edd Monk
edd Monk Month ago
I could buy 3 or 4 games better than this. And it includes actual good shooters. No offense for the guys who doesn’t have a choice on what they code animate and that kinda of shizz. But for does who do. FAAAC YOU, you should try something new
NLYH 0625
NLYH 0625 Month ago
Sounds like animal abuse to me 😂😂
Akshaj PR
Akshaj PR Month ago
Dragon Kunju isttam ❤️❤️
Bhavna Teckchandani
I love this skin but I don't have money to buy it🥺🥺
Stressed out by mountain of books
I will lose the round just to save it
Prakhar Raj
Prakhar Raj Month ago
Oooo enderdragon from Minecraft
Luci Fate
Luci Fate Month ago
Thank god I am not playing valorant
Random Dude
Random Dude Month ago
Didn't need that house anyway
CloroxTheClean Month ago
SO UMMM... wheres the trigger...?
goob gab
goob gab Month ago
"Competitive game"
BearlyBernard Month ago
everyone gangsta till someone came up with the thicc judge
Rishi Month ago
What did it cost..?? EVERYTHING
Helpfulbruh Month ago
and like every other skin in the game, its O V E R P R I C E D
Đğķñ 2 days ago
@Pixel 5 lmao it's expensive as skins. I think they seriously need to drop prices by 50 percent
Pixel 5
Pixel 5 Month ago
SomeRandomGuy Month ago
Welcome to another episode of *emptying my wallet*
AlisøneQ Month ago
Will these skins come back because they are awesome.
Sweety Sunder
Sweety Sunder Month ago
I just bought it..... sorry mum R.I.P mom credit card
Chamoth Wanniarachchi
no one will buy lol freaking expensive
chiranjib parida
chiranjib parida 2 months ago
Where is the trigger...is it dragons pp?
owolito 2 months ago
the comment section clearly never played cs go...
CheesyNibbah Month ago
My exact thought.
TharuX 2 months ago
Why do these stuff gotta be sooo expensive
Bored in Life
Bored in Life 2 months ago
can u remove pay to win thx
0Sharky Month ago
How is it pay to win?
Avighna Dasgupta
Avighna Dasgupta 2 months ago
I can't play this game from 2 weeks.... and a I will buy this endflame skin
E aa
E aa 2 months ago
Wtf is this,this is just like a Korean or Chinese csgo knock off game
E aa
E aa 2 months ago
I mean the skins not the game,the game is pretty fun
StirlingJohn612 2 months ago
most epic awp skin of all time
Gaming with DinoTaur
*Here's a dragon that burns your wallet*
Bruce Carterr
Bruce Carterr 2 months ago
wheres the trigger for this guns
Cesar Caceres
Cesar Caceres 2 months ago
dx11 >:v
Vishal Shetagar
Vishal Shetagar 2 months ago
can we buy these things
9D-11 Navneet nair
9D-11 Navneet nair 2 months ago
pls valorant bring that skin again
9D-11 Navneet nair
9D-11 Navneet nair 2 months ago
i want that skin
9D-11 Navneet nair
9D-11 Navneet nair 2 months ago
can u bring the skin again
Neon YT
Neon YT 2 months ago
Introducing...Make your wallet go brrrrr skin
KAAN AYDEMİR 267 2 months ago
manolo piedras rojas
ThePamuk 2 months ago
Türk Olanlar Yerimizi Bildirelim Değil mi ? 👇🏻
EmesCee 3 months ago
Overrated skin 😏
Christina Thongponh
Christina Thongponh 3 months ago
So cool
Gery Tray
Gery Tray 3 months ago
soooo u are telling me the triger is his pp 🤣🤣🤔🤔
Shabby Dabby Doo
Shabby Dabby Doo 3 months ago
Yeah, pay to win. We know now
kosis karki
kosis karki 3 months ago
how do you shoot do you hit the dragon ?
koda 3 months ago
100 dolares por skins que en unos meses ya nadie les va a importar 👍
BABABOI 3 months ago
Yey skin bundle that cost 100$ definitely not buying it
Akın 3 months ago
I'm sorry but this skin is pay to win as same as Prime Vandal DUDE!
TR Glitch foxy
TR Glitch foxy 3 months ago
Have You thought about advertising on tv ?
mordecool 3 months ago
Fire Null
Fire Null 3 months ago
Mantap skin ffnya
kadir 3 months ago
oyun güzel ama bu tarz çocukça skinler oyunu wolfteama çeviriyor. yapmayın
Iwont Remember
Iwont Remember 3 months ago
still the best skin in the game
razeen ahamed
razeen ahamed 3 months ago
riot is like EA NOWADAYS
AKD 3 months ago
can i have a free one
AJOY KANTI DEY 3 months ago
but VALORANT where is the trigger of the gun.
An Drei
An Drei 3 months ago
Not flexing or anything but i stole and used every single elderflame gun
RN_2 3 months ago
It's like those chinese cs rip-off like crossfire, with over the top skins.
airp0rtZ 3 months ago
when does it will return
RibbitPeep Gaming
RibbitPeep Gaming 3 months ago
Check out my Valorant gameplay!
Deniz Yücel
Deniz Yücel 3 months ago
These skins are trash imo
zen禅 3 months ago
"Is that, is that a little pp?" -Macro
7 Nizo
7 Nizo 3 months ago
100 dolars fo a skin
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