RETAKE // Episode 2 Cinematic - VALORANT 

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Jan 9, 2021




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Comments 100   
NinjaPlayer1 4 hours ago
Video summarized in one sentence. Pheonix and Yoru defeat all the enemies,
NT DBOSS 5 hours ago
Phenix can't feel the cold and Yoru is used to his planewalk temp. Nice.
The Wraith
The Wraith 6 hours ago
Atleast Cypher got to see his family
john cena
john cena 8 hours ago
Does anyone notice that your has a butterfly knife coma?
Davis Abraham
Davis Abraham 9 hours ago
Poor Jett🥺🥺
Davis Abraham
Davis Abraham 9 hours ago
This is fking dope. Riot should make a whole movie about valorant.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kyte 11 hours ago
Jett step on me jett use your foot JETT!!!!!
A Navarro
A Navarro 12 hours ago
Why can’t In game Phoenixs ult never run out
Nightcore Ahri
Nightcore Ahri 17 hours ago
pause 1:15 damnnn she hot Riot knows the angle and the pose
Radian Adityo Dignitoro
Need more sfm. Pls.
THE EAGLE 18 hours ago
They should make a tv show or a movie about valorant it will be big
BadgeTheYasin Roblox
valorant, pls i just wnat to play and i need to wait like an hour why! and its say penalize and it's say "u need to wait 4 or 5 hour" pls like make it 1 hour or 10 minute or what pls its so long to wait! pls
Lemony Snicket
Lemony Snicket 20 hours ago
wouldve wanted to see viper ult
fukk epicc
Garrett Hope
Garrett Hope 21 hour ago
want more of these
YouJeans 21 hour ago
So there is no recoil in cinematics
Lfd mp
Lfd mp 23 hours ago
Hahahhaha phoenix
Huynh Bill
Huynh Bill Day ago
Jett looks pretty cute tbh!!!!
Jelric Wolf Trigo
its pheonix payback for jett lol
chanee yang
chanee yang Day ago
The fact that they clutched a 2v4
SleepyNibba Day ago
Jett with sleeves actually looks pretty clean
Alen Sebastian
If there is gonna be one more flash agent I am gonna stop playing this thing
Dev Sulaiman
Dev Sulaiman Day ago
pheonix is my main. I love Phenoix.
SinoxFPV Day ago
Yoru makes me want to main him
Alex Poe
Alex Poe Day ago
Funny sage died like a noob 😂
Zeus BRU
Zeus BRU Day ago
Bad game...sexist company
Vadex Day ago
you know if valorant wasnt free and costs like $20 it would actually be possible for the game to look this good
Rithika Vidusahan
fix the login issues already its frustrating
Wrath Meliodas
is really good not gonna lie
O Z A N Day ago
i think valorant should make a story mode. It would be fantastic.
Ar Gaming
Ar Gaming Day ago
that moment when yoru slices thru the dimensional fabric is dope af
Exodousek Day ago
pls add jett to the every clip
Harmonee Wang
0:19 me and my teammates in icebox map.
이솔 Day ago
Damn ..? So you mean Phoenix with 200 credit worth gun and Yoru with 800 credit worth gun beated 3 of them who had covered with the 5000, 2900, 1600 worth guns?
that how to love yoru XD
Von Sevilla
Von Sevilla Day ago
I wish agents have skins too☺
czay asis
czay asis Day ago
It feels like zed and Lucian from league can really fit on this game.. right?? or its just me??
Shiana Yt
Shiana Yt Day ago
make a movie plz
Twilight Arrow
2:04 clutch!
sophie c
sophie c Day ago
I think I’m the only person who simps for yoru😭
Grant_ Plays
Grant_ Plays Day ago
They should make valorant a show
Mac F
Mac F Day ago
This needs to be a map
ʚ [ツItz a Asrielツ ] ɞ
-Nice head shot -one enemy left
LOL what a friendship
Sky Hitori
Sky Hitori Day ago
Yow btw how come Jett has a Jacket?
Sancheezy 2 days ago
Man we need a tv or movie with these animations.
Antos Bellic
Antos Bellic 2 days ago
This trailer would have been more accurate if Phoenix headshotted someone while he was running and shooting like a bag of trash...
B Palma Keane Matthew C
Viper really said " *jEtT rEVIVe cyPHer* "
MATTilda 2 days ago
Wow their aim is just like mine, missing 99% of their shots
Padamalgame 2 days ago
cypher> all
Juju Bear
Juju Bear 2 days ago
00:59 u cant od in gamre
עמית ג׳רפי
omg that was amazing
Eldrick Hsiao
Eldrick Hsiao 2 days ago
bruv yoru got a butterfly knife as a hair comb, we need that tech in real life
Raymond _
Raymond _ Day ago
Pretty sure we have that
Daren Kayapınar
Daren Kayapınar 2 days ago
I like how phoenix is the main character, like mirage in apex’s videos
Reza Kaguo
Reza Kaguo 2 days ago
second round yoru ; sherrif viper: stinger pheonix: bulldog jett:vandal
OMGitsFARIS 67 2 days ago
That's how a good eco round look like 😂
Verticy 2 days ago
1:28 ... you know damn well that doesn't 1 tap her that was a dope video
BulbasaurNo001 BulbasaurNo001
Spike Detonation Time: 45 Seconds. Video Length: 3 Minutes.
Khaled Hasan Shagor
Can I get the soundtrack at the end?
Rodolfo cena
Rodolfo cena 2 days ago
i love this game
ma name eh jeff
ma name eh jeff 2 days ago
Guillermo Ledesma
I wish there were more of these
PurgenT Gamestream
nice cartoon. but in reallity phoenix gets afk and disconnects
Amare Kaea
Amare Kaea 2 days ago
howowoowoowwo hes moving while shooting?
Kunal Kushalappa
Kunal Kushalappa 2 days ago
Yoru needs big bufffffssss
pedophilen't 2 days ago
Jett should revive Chyper
Withinheaven 2 days ago
Imagine the game was fun like this an realistic
CautiousPanda 2 days ago
this is amazing. I just hope to still see Jett in the future cinematics, even though she "technically" died here, I hope this is not the last time we see her.
h-joseph soliman
h-joseph soliman 2 days ago
When phoenix didnt get shot : When he dies : Where am I?
pinky joule
pinky joule 2 days ago
me hoping that this map would come out
KING SLAYER 2 days ago
Phoenix sounds like KSI
Gui Adrião
Gui Adrião 2 days ago
Lmao 2 days ago
I am a simp for viper❤️
Davis 2 days ago
You should also make a film premier on another story far from game story!!
Gamer々sahiL 2 days ago
Making a movie on Valorant would bee ❤️
Gamer々sahiL 2 days ago
This is not perfect "phoneix blinding himself aint included 😭
SSYᅧsSsᅣ 2 days ago
Even outside of the game they run and gun
Rohit Ghosh
Rohit Ghosh 2 days ago
Yoru is the most handsome character in Valorant
Gui Adrião
Gui Adrião 2 days ago
shitty fanPerson
shitty fanPerson 3 days ago
It wad jett x phoenix then. Now its yoru X phoenix
Freemann 3 days ago
0:45 holy yoru
Robyn Co
Robyn Co 3 days ago
If ice box was actually like this I’d love it
Raza Shahid
Raza Shahid 3 days ago
At the end
Raza Shahid
Raza Shahid 3 days ago
At the end when they’ve won Phoenix was talking about shooting him first the music literally dope 100/100
CryoNitric 3 days ago
The series is so cool, but there is one problem, they talk less (Except Phoenix and Yoru). We need their voices too.
Wenshie Deanne Diego
I actually got really sad when yoru shooted jett with no mercy,just look ate her face from 2:13 - 2:15..i was almost gonna cry jetts cute face never end me
Crispy Cookies
Crispy Cookies 2 days ago
Well Jett would have shot him with no mercy so
duru türkmen
duru türkmen 3 days ago
guler yıldız
guler yıldız 3 days ago
bana neden +11 verdiniz 20 ye 19 oynadım düzeltin onu
D4nkn1c 3 days ago
everyone gangsta until Yoru be pulling out gang signs
Vinicius Crespo
Vinicius Crespo 3 days ago
00:46 I think it says Owarida or Its the end in japanese
Sad pepe
Sad pepe 3 days ago
if only the gameplay was this hyped
Mahek Singh
Mahek Singh 3 days ago
this was so intense for what
Gabo 2 days ago
Butter 4 days ago
That sound affect when Jett slammed into the box after Yoru knocked it down 😂
Big Brother
Big Brother 4 days ago
Hm hm hm... Looks very familiar, doesn’t it ? Let me help you! Duo team : a cool guy who likes to show off and a clever guy , who doesn’t like to ruin the plan . The first guy irritates the second one because of acting stupid and risking. Let’s also not forget that the clever guy is asian. And the final touch : The cool guy thinks all enemies are dead , then the clever guy starts aiming at him. He shoots and kills the last enemy standing right behind the cool guy) Hope you got it !!!
Monsei 4 days ago
At this point, just make a movie. The artstyle looks too good to be just for a game.
Raaghav Tony
Raaghav Tony 4 days ago
Let me show you how the boss does it
Jaycob R Mercolesia
Bro your episodes can become a movie if you make it 101% valorant will became even more popular
The guy that comments
Yoru do be smurf yoruing 😳😳😳
Some Random Delinquent
i love for it if KSI voiced PHOENIX
Kalisa Windrunner
so Jett and Viper died?
my valentine :)
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