Unleash Your Arsenal // Escalation Game Mode Trailer - VALORANT 

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Show your skill with every weapon in the new Escalation game mode, playable tomorrow.
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Feb 16, 2021




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Comments 100   
TRS Retr0
TRS Retr0 13 hours ago
Me: *calls Phoenix nice* Phoenix: "They WILL COWER!" Me: Well fu-
Cris San Juan
Cris San Juan 14 hours ago
ayyyy, i like this game.
Tomek Dyrc
Tomek Dyrc 14 hours ago
Ok. So The guy who plays in this vid has aimbot lmao.
Keedo Third
Keedo Third 18 hours ago
I feel bad for yoru he faced a lot of tanks
srajatji 21 hour ago
I hate Valorant.
Đvįř fíņģąľį
Very good and funny
Azaan Khan
Azaan Khan Day ago
0:54 spike rush be like
Hanz Day ago
I've never seen this man miss.
Amir Shaikh
Amir Shaikh Day ago
wow so awesomeness mode and trailer game is op🥰😇💯🤞👏👏👏
Muffin man flipper
So it's gun game
Averdeen Pueblo
How do i fix val 43?
Advanced Day ago
Max_Natrax 2 days ago
This game mode is actually bad
Fenix 2 days ago
ah. so gun game with extra steps, got it.
vinicius alexandre
I think there is something in this final part, just like a spoiler.
Sayandeep Chaudhuri
the guy who said jett can rebibe,he's so dissapointed right now.
Tayler Hwang
Tayler Hwang 2 days ago
Can't kill one roomba? Here's five more
poor yoru
CHALABI Abdou 2 days ago
Dzyon Amv
Dzyon Amv 2 days ago
0:27 my worst nightmare has begun😳
Dzyon Amv
Dzyon Amv 2 days ago
Now I gotta get the game again lol
LDAG Official
LDAG Official 2 days ago
I actually have a feature request that I want you guys to add in the game , I really don't know that if you guys will implement this , but , I want y'all to add the ability to grab a certain agent after selecting them in the ' select agent ' section and being able to zoom in and out and rotate them to check out that agent . can you please add this ? Also , brimstone carries 4 mollies , one in the molly launcher and 3 in his vest , but is able to launch only one molly per round , please increase the number of mollies players can use in each round . Thanking you in anticipation . yours faithfully . Soumyadeep saha [ aka LDAG ]
Trix 2 days ago
Fix your anti cheat
horFİC 2 days ago
hey valorant person cannot enter the game after the last update, dx11 feature is compatible with 10.0 engine, everyone says this problem please fix this problem please
robin morrison
robin morrison 2 days ago
It gun game, dont lie to me
Adgern 2 days ago
so uhh stinger with the spectre noise? 0:08
Happthedap 3 days ago
Pls fix ur game I Literlly get down more raiting down then when I win. For example I match mvp and get 24 rating then I lose and get down 29 it’s kinda gay Ngl
Hafit Adi
Hafit Adi 3 days ago
My PC is dx11 10.0 required and then i don't play valorant again
4 T 7
4 T 7 3 days ago
More like gun game
SmoknAce 3 days ago
This track is fire
why 3 days ago
Omg Jett-
rafigameray 3 days ago
*That boombot spam will be in teleporter abuse list*
// Emerald1229 \\
Omen's wet dream
Ainox Gaming
Ainox Gaming 3 days ago
Who is that God aimer who get these clips man
Өлзийдэлгэр Болд
What??? Reyna Q E 2???
Gaurav Khatana
Gaurav Khatana 3 days ago
why cant we have an all ability escalation match or maybe an all ult match
lorie cruz
lorie cruz 3 days ago
Make Philippines map plss
Gameboy Mastery
Gameboy Mastery 3 days ago
Wow I don't like your competitive system. I believe it has gotten more bugs. First, your competitive update said Act Rank badge will now be based on highest rank win instead of your ninth. Next, my highest is bronze 3 but my act rank badge says bronze 2. May you fix this bug? So I can play the game without getting that tilted?
Naniboi 3 days ago
This brings me back when me and a couple of friends had unlimited abilities, no guns allowed. And my game crashed because of the amount of boombots.
Deju Dezu
Deju Dezu 3 days ago
10 people used Yoru's Ult :
Shuom 3 days ago
bro i want this song
Lil_loco playz
Lil_loco playz 3 days ago
i would like to point out a glitch that happened to me XD...... my knife was a spectre GUN hopefully u guys respond and FIX this glitch :)
The Dagger
The Dagger 4 days ago
so this is roblox arsenal but valorant?
Elite Ezikiel
Elite Ezikiel 4 days ago
When you get shock dart as one of the weapons: I'm Hanzo!
just the p
just the p 4 days ago
Bind best map for this gamemode
Fyreflie 4 days ago
God this is cursed
Berk Ayberk
Berk Ayberk 4 days ago
İt took riot 5 or 6 months to add gun game
Kratos 4 days ago
Fix the Van error 138 so i we won't keep disconnecting everytime.
Henbot 4 days ago
Charging at people with a knife is my cyberpunk play style
ALEXANDER 4 days ago
0:37 yo whose hands are those I dont think I saw them before
ALEXANDER 4 days ago
@You Can't Sit here, Brittney yes just figured it ......I was really exited about that being a teaser for new agent😞
Infinity Gamer
Infinity Gamer 4 days ago
VALORANT plzz read this comment and plzz don't remove this mode from the game coz this is my favorite mode in this game
Matheus 4 days ago
Cópia do modo do Fortinte
ZetaHaru 2 days ago
rohit reddy
rohit reddy 4 days ago
Me when I try to use the operator 0:58
Ömer TT
Ömer TT 4 days ago
---------------------When do you intend to bring support to hello valorant linux?-------------------
Skadi Lsl
Skadi Lsl 4 days ago
in other words: gun game
crash 147
crash 147 4 days ago
aka master every weapon you noob
Vivek Rathod
Vivek Rathod 4 days ago
Omen is the best agent in Valorant
Howl ice
Howl ice 4 days ago
Please do restricted off you are spoiling game
Mar5haL 4 days ago
0:23 wow...
Kent Emmanuel San Diego
roblox arsenal in valorant lol
Chaidar Ahmad
Chaidar Ahmad 4 days ago
Shuttle launch Shuttle launch Shuttle launch Shuttle launch Shuttle launch Shuttle launch Shuttle launch Shuttle launch HA! GOT ONE
Emon Khan
Emon Khan 4 days ago
In the last part, are you guys trying to draw a symbol with bullet fire? an easter egg
Ryan Photos
Ryan Photos 4 days ago
How long will hold this new mode?
no name
no name 4 days ago
Omen player : Jett rebibe me. Riot : mmmm,what if we make that's really?
Kurœpi 4 days ago
I guess the guy who said jett rebibe me come true
anshumn ashwin
anshumn ashwin 4 days ago
Very fun gamemode
7 Black Swans
7 Black Swans 4 days ago
Escalation Game Mode......GENIUS !!!
Not Nathan.
Not Nathan. 4 days ago
0:25 killer queen BITES ZA DUSTO!
AFAZ 478
AFAZ 478 4 days ago
No Sage ult wtf
Clumsy Gamer
Clumsy Gamer 4 days ago
Brova in the gamee
Pianime -Varities of Music
now i understand why that guy who wants jett to revive him was asking jett seriously
Pac Man
Pac Man 4 days ago
Is nobody gonna ask about the ending how the marshals made a star?
Sujay95 4 days ago
Lmao, they just copied CSGO's Arms Race mode. xD
be788 gacha
be788 gacha 4 days ago
This seems fun cant wait bruh
Kotaro Very cute
Kotaro Very cute 4 days ago
rithyisqt 4 days ago
i cant win because of the reyna nerf bro
Jesse Dobson
Jesse Dobson 5 days ago
thats a _big_ knife what the heck
Wally Spencer
Wally Spencer 5 days ago
dont get fooled characters still dont have their new skins
LeEPreEX 5 days ago
Imagine everyone has a Skye ult and unleashes it in a site
High Tier Gamer
High Tier Gamer 5 days ago
soo trash
hmtf Canakay
hmtf Canakay 5 days ago
Raze:my orginal ulti Phonix:wow this is so good Viper:why am i still alive
Cyjax 5 days ago
So then he pulls out a comical large knife
UchiSho'ya 5 days ago
Jett Rebayb me
Ludovico marino
Ludovico marino 5 days ago
arefin yunus
arefin yunus 5 days ago
arefin yunus
arefin yunus 3 days ago
@TatTheMan silver 2. it needs bro its like no skill and braindead spam, utterly frustrating
TatTheMan 5 days ago
It doesn’t need a nerf. What rank are you
Omprakash Marri
Omprakash Marri 5 days ago
Gun game 🔫
Ibrahim Kayani
Ibrahim Kayani 5 days ago
Finally I'll be able to say : Jett revive me jettt please Jett revive me! 😂
D. Spencer
D. Spencer 5 days ago
Gun game
Kara Smith
Kara Smith 5 days ago
Uh oh
ShOwOba 5 days ago
Gun Game Urf
Nikko Bais
Nikko Bais 5 days ago
the only thing i hate about this is that guns change in the middle of a fight/spray
DerCaine 5 days ago
Final weapon Big Knife sucks major ass tho
Steve 5 days ago
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I like this game
Yogi Martin
Yogi Martin 5 days ago
TrickZ Retz
TrickZ Retz 5 days ago
EXP is very bad for the time required and missions don't count.
Zkorial 5 days ago
Put reyna how she sued to be
yadnex 5 days ago
Even they are doing run and gun , Ouch !
Ajp trigo gamer
Ajp trigo gamer 5 days ago
Can u guys make the game a little bit optimised for low end pc
Heroshimo :D
Heroshimo :D 5 days ago
so this is valorant?
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